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Experience the outdoors with an updated landscape! Stone Ridge Landscaping is the place to go when you are looking for a high quality landscape design from a Landscape Pro near you!

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With Stone Ridge Landscaping, get access to a full range of services. With over two decades of quality and experience, we know how to ensure the highest quality and style. Ask us about our various services like:


From providing landscape plans, to creating quality hardscapes and paver patios, explore our various services to get access to ideas that will work best.

Our Four Steps


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Install Project

Let's Chat
Develop a Plan

You get to know our team and we learn about your project goals

We combine your goals and vision with our experienced team

Present Quote Proposal

Review the schedule, budget, and scope of work with your designer


Our team of Craftsmen and Artists complete the landscape vision


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About Us

Stone Ridge Landscaping dedicates itself to the Quality, Efficiency, Safety and Satisfaction of our clients projects. Contact us to learn more about the wide reaching projects we can accomplish!


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“Thank you for you and your excellent staff's hard work. You all were a pleasure to work with and very professional

K.F. Nappanee, Indiana

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21665 CR 45

Goshen, IN 46528



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Thank you!

Thank You for Visiting!

Thank you for visiting our website at Stone Ridge Landscaping where we strive to make each aspect of your landscape experience a good one. Our team of excited landscape professionals prepares for the success of our clients projects. Our 3D Design landscape design helps our clients see the possibilities available to them. Our company has over two decades of experience. Our experience is how we inform our designs, expertise, and passion for our work. We have a variety of landscape services that are here to help you with your landscape needs. Each project we encounter is another chance to design and complete our client's goals to the best of our abilities. Our team always strives to push our skillsets to new heights providing satisfaction along the way. We do this by hiring a team that exhibits our core values for success: Quality, Efficiency, Safety, and Satisfaction.

Quality is the first of our core values that influences the entirety of a project from start to finish. Quality is the execution of consistent, high-level, craftsmanship through proper training and the use of superior materials according to industry standards. All that to say, we prize high-quality craftsmanship. We meet our craftsmanship through proper training and high-quality materials. Stone Ridge Landscaping works in a way that other companies do not. That is what helps us stand apart from the rest. Contact us today to get your next project started.

Efficiency is key to making sure a project is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We complete jobs within the allotted budget by utilizing equipment, and materials (like Garden Center plants and annuals) following our installation processes. This means that when we give our customers a quote for a job, we can stick to the budget with effective training, equipment, and processes. It all comes back to the training of our team and the processes we use that provide our customers with the project they want. Our training consists of a focus on efficiency to reach the end goal with speed and quality in mind. Let the efficiency of our Goshen landscape company help you create the landscape design for your home or business.

Safety is another important focus of Stone Ridge Landscaping. The safety of our team as well as the safety of our clients is primary to the success of our small business. With each project, we make safety one of our top priorities. We limit potential hazards through proper training, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and planning our installation processes according to the projects. As far as safety is concerned, we strive to ensure the safety of our team as well as the safety of our clients. Let our Elkhart County landscape company assist in keeping you safe.

Satisfaction for the client is the key to the success of our company. We can take an idea and project and turn it into a beautiful outdoor experience for our clients. Each opportunity to go above the minimum and beyond expectation is where we shine as a team. Satisfaction is about exceeding client expectations. We address a client's short and long-term needs respectfully. We like to have high expectations for our quality projects. From there, we like to exceed them further by pushing our team for even greater success. With Stone Ridge Landscaping, you can always ensure that our projects are quality. Our projects need high safety and satisfy our clients. Take the time to experience quality from this Goshen small business. Our Landscape company near you provides the landscape style many search to receive.

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