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Swimming Pools

Cool off during the peak heat of summer by letting a swimming pool be the best choice for you. Stone Ridge Landscaping is your next swimming pool installer to help tie your need to stay cool with your love of the outdoors.

Experience Summer

What better way is there than to enjoy summer than with the ones you love. Summer is the time when the temperatures finally allow you the freedom to go outside and experience summer activities. From the frigid winters to warmth and fun with friends or family, summer is the time to best enjoy the outdoors. Enjoying yourself in a fiberglass pool of your own is an excellent start. Give yourself the gift of privacy that your own private pool can do. Or create a pool space that allows you to entertain friends and family when the weather heats up. With the help of a stunning fiberglass pool from Stone Ridge Landscaping, we can install the pool you want. We are your pool installer near me that makes the pool design and install process simple. Take advantage of us as your pool contractor in Granger. In fact, we serve as a inground pool installer for the entire Michiana region. From Southern Michigan to north and central Indiana, Stone Ridge Landscaping is your pool installer near Goshen that serves as the best inground pool installers around. Stop in today and talk with our quality designers and get started on your dream for an inground pool near you. Your pool will make all the difference in helping you enjoy your summers for years to come with friends and family.

Pool Considerations


Quiet Retreat or 
Active Zone


Modern or Freeform


Simple or Elaborate

Pool areas can be areas to entertain or places to relax and decompress. When you are considering a pool, consider whether you are looking for a pool for entertaining guests or a private backyard pool for quiet and comfort of your own yard.

Pools come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Finding the right pool shell for your space can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your outdoor space. A Modern pool often has a more linear, rectangular look while a freeform pool has many curves and visual interest. 

Get a pool option that best suites your budget and style. We accommodate budget options for a basic pool or an extravagant retreat. No matter how much you consider spending, we can guarantee that you will have the best value for your budget. 

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Choose your Shell
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Your back yard pool area is only limited by your imagination. Pools come in a wide array of shapes, styles and sizes to match your backyard aesthetic. When your in a landlocked state, having a pool in your back yard can help you relax and unwind. Do you crave tanning by the water? How about swimming in clean, fresh cool water? A swimming pool will help make all the difference. Give yourself a new pool from our pool dealers in northern Indiana. We help you get the pools for sale you need that work best for your back yard. With Stone Ridge Landscaping, we provide you with examples of quality pool shells for you to choose. Find yourself a modern style pool shape or a freeform look to fit perfectly into your landscape.

Fire Feature and Pool


select your color

A splash of color makes all the difference in a pools style. When it comes to customizing your next pool from us, you can choose from wide variety of pool finishes. Each finish to a fiberglass pool for sale can set the mood for you and your outdoor pool experience. From cool ocean blue colors to sandy natural looking pool colors, you can take the traditional pool experience up a notch with a high quality surface color for your fiberglass pool. Allow our team at Stone Ridge Landscaping to help you pick out the right pool for sale for your back yard. We are your pool installers that help create the relaxing outdoor space you need to help you decompress after work or help you enjoy the outdoors during the summer.


Consider your Upgrades

First comes the pool idea. Next comes the pool color. But the pool upgrade options are what truly bring your pool experience to a whole new level. People often overlook the possibilities for how specialized a pool can be in your backyard area. When looking for a pool installer in Granger, finding one that allows you to customize your pool area for your wants and needs is crucial. One of the most popular ways a customer can upgrade their pool buy is by adding a spa area to their pool design. Consider adding a pool spa to your fiberglass pool installation today. Spas help decrease stress by relaxing muscles and improving circulation. Often, this means eased back pain and arthritis symptoms. Allow your body to rest and feel rejuvenated with the help of a spa for your backyard. If you want a space to tan near the water, consider adding a tanning ledge to the fiberglass pool installation you want. A tanning ledge is an option that gives you a shallow space in your pool area where you can add lounge chairs for relaxation. This shallow pool section is great for lounging as well as having a safe space for children or pets to play. Consider a tanning ledge in addition to the fiberglass pool we have available for you. Adding a water feature to your pool can integrate an additional element of excitement into your pool's visual appeal. Options like pool jets, pool lights, and a water wall add the finishing touches you need to your final pool installation. Whether for entertainment or personal style, water features can create the ideal atmosphere. Consider water features today for the customization you want for your pool . Take a moment to consider some of the pool features for your next fiberglass pool installation from our pool contractors near me. Stone Ridge Landscaping is the place to go that create the custom design you need for your fiberglass pool design.

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