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Healthy Plants, Premium Soils, Fertilizers, Mulch, Stone, and Gardening Tools for home and business

Our plants receive consistent care, watering, and fertilizer. Our plants are a superior choice to other plant providers

Healthy Plants

Soil provides nutrients, moisture, & air to your plant. Buy the best with our premium and organic lines of soils. 

Premium Soils

Premium wood mulch continues the lifecycle of soil by maintaining nutrients and moisture to the plantings.

Wood Mulch

Decorative stone provides a reduced maintenance for planting beds. We stock contemporary stone styles.

Decorative Stone


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The Stone Ridge Garden Center is here for the Goshen community to beyond. Here, we help people find the plants they need to enhance the beauty of their homes and businesses. Plants make a difference to a building or garden. Without plants, a business or home can feel cold or empty. Adding plants to homes and gardens adds curb appeal where a building cannot. Plants can add color, texture, and height to the surrounding framework. They help enhance the features of a building's existing architecture and create a sense of atmosphere. The best way to add life to a home or business is to add plants. Search for plants for your home or business by visiting our Garden Center at Stone Ridge Landscaping.

Plant Light Conditions

When it comes to plants, there are three main categories to consider. The first are full sun plants. Full-sun plants thrive in climates that receive 8+ hours of direct sunlight daily. Full-sun plants are ideal when you have a yard or business that receives more light than most plants. Examples of full sun plants are cactus, lavender, purple coneflower, Shasta daisy, and more.

The second most common category for landscape plants near you is partial shade plants. Partial shade plants are the ideal option for areas around a home or business that receive between 3 and 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. Often, this type of plant would be located near a woodland's edge or on the north or east sides of a building in northern climates. Examples of partial shade plants are Ferns, shrubs like Spicebush, and Hibiscus.

Finally, Shade plants are the third grouping of plants. Shade plants are known for their ability to thrive with lower light levels. Examples of locations with lower light levels are in the woods or along a woodland edge. If a home or business is surrounded by trees that cast shade over much of the yard, then shade plants are the ideal option for those spaces. Similar to partial sun plants, ferns, bleeding hearts, Hostas, and coral bells.

Once you establish which of these three zones your home or business has, consider visiting our Garden Center at Stone Ridge Landscaping. Here, we have a variety of plants that are sure to accent your space. Whether you are searching for plants for your outdoor patio area or options for your new build business, we supply a wide variety of plants for you and your business. See for yourself today for the available plant options we have ready for you.

Full Sun

Plants that receive 8+ hours of direct sunlight each day

Part Sun

Plants that receive between 3 and 6 hours of direct sunlight each day


Plants that receive about 3 hours of direct sunlight usually in the morning hours

Dry Goods

Dry Goods refer to our selection of home accessories for gardening, accenting your landscape, and furniture for your home or business. Explore our Garden Center selection today for the options you want when it comes to style and function of your garden, business or home.

Categories of Dry Goods

Garden Tools

Soil amendments often include soil and its additives to ensure proper water retention or drainage. Finding the right mix of soil for your landscape plants, yard or houseplants is key to ensuring the health and vitality of your plants. Popular soil amendments include orchid bark, perlite and worm castings. Explore our selection of soil amendments today by visiting our Garden Center today.

Garden tools are essential for working with the soil and dirt. Withstanding the elements is key to a high quality set of garden hand tools and implements. From our Garden Center, we have a full selection of garden tools, gloves and more to help you with your gardening fun. Visit the Stone Ridge Landscaping Garden Center to see for yourself our high quality garden tools first hand


The finishing touched of any landscape remodel or design are the accessories. Landscape accessories are the final touches that make a patio, garden or building feel like home. Comfort and style are the two main factors in choosing the landscape accessories that make your space stand out even further from the rest. Explore our selections of lawn chairs, fire pits, bird feeders and houses, cast iron cookware, firewood and more. With the help of our Garden Center at Stone Ridge Landscaping, we can help you create the garden, outdoor living room, or landscape space that makes you feel like home.

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